How to get a System Administrator Job

System Administrator Jobs

If you are looking for information about the next big question, How to get a System Administrator Job? Then, you are certainly in the right path to learn on how to get one.

Let me be honest with you, there is not a magic or a single short answer for that question. But, if you follow the series of advises that I’ll explain to you in this tutorial, you will improve your chances of getting that desired System Admin position that you want.


With the technological advances that allow us to bring everyone virtually closer, every day more companies are hiring international contractors to full fill their positions.

There are tree main reasons for why they are taking this approach and it’s important for you to fully understand them:

  • First and most important, is the economic reason, by hiring external contractors, a company can lower their payroll cost and it also requires less corporate infrastructure.
  • The second, is related to the schedules, being an international (online) company requires, at least, tree shifts for a 24/7 coverage.
  • And, the last one is about the talent, by doing this, companies can get the best talent available on the market world wide without the need of a relocation.

It’s not the intention to get political about the 3 points I described above, you should see them ‘as is’ and use them on your advantage.

Job Strategy

The Strategy

In my career as a System Administrator, I have used a series of strategies to improve my chances of getting hired, they should work for you too.

I’ll explain them trough a series of sub topics, so it’s easier for your to read trough all of them.

The best advise ever

This is the very best piece of advise that somebody gave it to me along time ago, and it’s really important for you to follow it:

“If something is not working out, change it!”

Please, do not expect different results while doing the same thing, over and over again, that is just the definition for insanity, according to Albert Einstein.

Resume System Administrator

The Resume

First of all, you should get yourself the best possible Resume (CV) ever, make sure to dedicated some time to it’s elaboration and keep it short, easy to read and updated.

Be empathic and creative, put yourself in the shoes of the IT recruiter that has to read trough hundreds of resumes, If your Resume does not stand up from the rest, it’s not going to be picked up.

Adapt your resume before submission, highlight your skills that are a match for the job requirements.

Note: You can have several resumes already prepared for the different positions available, for example a Data Base Administrator, or a Linux System Administrator Job, and use the one that has more affinity to the position your are submitting. I recommend to apply just once per company.

The social media & Networking

If you have done some research about tips for getting hired, you probably already read most of this stuff. But, since I do not recall reading it anywhere else, I’m making sure you read it now.

First of all, you should look into your phone’s contact list, this is probably very obvious but I did not do it at first, and believe it or not, it worked out for me.

Talk to your friends, ask them if there are any available positions in their work place. Since they are already inside, they can be your direct contact with Human Resources (HR), also they can make some extra cash if they have a referral bonus program, most of the companies do!

Now that your friends and your close network know that you are available, it’s time to get bigger. Get yourself a LinkedIn profile, take the enough time to grow your network and fill carefully your profile with all your public information.

Note: If you are able to make your self visible, chances are that the Recruiters will come to you.

There are other Professional networking alternatives to LinkedIn that could help, but I’m not intended to list them all, I believe this is the most used and the one that works for me.

System Administrator Job

Searching for a remote System Administrator Job

There are plenty of Jobs listings online, you probably tried them all, to enlist a few of them there is Glassdor, Monster, Indeed, etc. That have never worked for me. But you are free to give it a try, it may work for you.

I think that the smart way to do this is to actually search for the company website and apply directly from their Career’s page.

Personal Advises

Never give up to your dream job. I know that it’s easier to say it rather than actually do it. It definitely takes some time to find an IT remote job, but I can tell you it’s possible, you just have to be persistent.

Always be professional, do not look desperate, you will scare away everyone around you, even recruiters.

It’s OK to lower your expectations, if you are initiating on the market or have no proven background working for a international company, you should aim for the starting positions, for example a Junior System Administrator.

The Hardware

Get some descent hardware for your work, it does not have to be new but, fast enough to keep it up for daily tasks. Do not install any illegal software on it, there are plenty of free alternatives for most of the stuff that you need to do your job. Keep it nice and clean.

If possible, have a backup Power Supply and Internet provider, you can use your phone as a hotspot. Sometimes there are power surges for long periods of time, always be prepared to move to a friends place if your electrical power or internet fails for too long. It’s your call, we are professionals and responsible for our own job.

You are going to spent a lot of time in front of the computer, it’s smart to invest some money into a comfortable chair, it should have a full back and neck support. Don’t be cheap on yourself or you will regret it.

A second monitor is a good option to work on IT stuff, I have seen people with way too many monitors for my taste. Every monitor uses power ($) and it generates substantial heat, at some point I had a 3 monitors setup, but now I’m keeping just 2 of them. It depends on the stuff you are working on, I guess.

System Administrator Job

The Interview

Most of the International IT companies are English based language, so I recommend you to practice your writing and speaking skills for the interview.

A clear communication is crucial for the interview. Get your self a professional Headset (MS LX-3000) and a HD Webcam, there are economic ones online. Please, do not use low quality Mics that could damage your chances for getting hired.

Test your equipment before the interview, have a testing purpose meeting with a friend, or at least record yourself and adjust your headset settings.

The first impression matters. Always look professional. Watch for your background and keep your self and the area you are working clean.

Be confident and be honest. With every interview it gets easier, you will learn from your mistakes. If the position is right for you, make sure they know it.


The dream System Administrator job is out there, think positive and act in consequence, never give up. If you have free time, get some online courses and improve your credentials.

The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be on the job interview. This are all my personal experiences and opinions, please take them as they are.

If you to want learn more about this tutorial or have any questions, feel free to send your comments down below.

Don’t forget to check our other Tutorials, we are constantly submitting new ones every week.

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